Sports Law

Our lawyers have a vast experience in the sphere of sports arbitration. Our services of consultancy and representation before international specialised courts in complex sports law cases recommends us as being among the few Romanian law firms which offers this type of services.

In this regard, our lawyers specialised in sports law have put into practice over time legal strategies regarding:

  • drafting of necessary documents and representation of the athletes, as well as of sports clubs in relation with sports forums, both at the national and the international level (Discipline committees, Licensing committees, Court of Sports Arbitration in Lausanne);
  • the management, from a legal perspective, of the athlete-club relationship, especially regarding:
  • negotiation of contractual clauses in sports matters (both labour contracts, as well as civil agreements);
  • recovery of amounts owed by clubs;
  • appeals against sanctions instated by clubs;
  • avoidance of the contract.
  • The services offered to sports clubs are especially in relation to:
  • preparation of the licensing documentation;
  • development and application of legal strategies for the resolution of problems which occur in the licensing processes;
  • appeals against disciplinary sanctions applied to clubs;
  • representation in the relationship with athletes/managers etc.
  • in insolvency matters, we have drafted legal opinions and have counselled sports clubs regarding the advisability of entering into insolvency, we have managed the sports situation of the club during the state of insolvency, such that the licensing process would not be endangered in the future competitional season; we have offered legal consultancy regarding the impact that entering into insolvency could have on the rights of a team qualified in European sports competitions; we have offered legal support and effective involvement in negotiations for the rescheduling or extinguishing of the clubs’ debt;

Oglindă & Partners lawyers have managed the relationship between one of the most titled Football Clubs from the First League and an athlete found under contract with said club, for the recovery of all outstanding amounts owed by the club to the athlete, tha annulment of the sanctions applied to the club, as well as the development of a strategy in which, following the analysis of foreign scientific studies and the solutions ordered by the Court of Sports Arbitration in Lausanne, we have promoted the right of athletes to be allowed back to training and to benefit from a sportive chance in an non-discriminatory manner in relation to their teammates.

Bazil Oglindă

„From idea to action and result, with integrity. Sometimes the client himself does not dare to dream of the success that he could obtain from a litigation. Which is we, as lawyers, must always fight to obtain even more than what would satisfy the client, because that is how we show our respect, trust and value as professionals. We hope to reach this goal in the future at least to the same extent as up to the present moment.”

Bazil founded Oglindă & Partners in 2015 from his wish to bring a unique, complex, personalised, client-oriented performance to the Romanian legal services market. A lawyer since 1998, his accumulated experience recommends him as an excellent strategist, with the capacity of producing innovative solutions for the most complex issues of law and business.

Arbitrator and vice-president of the Court of International Commercial Arbitration attached to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, arbitrator of the International Chamber of Commerce and of other arbitration courts around the world, Bazil has complemented his experience as a lawyer with the one regarding resolution of disputes as an arbitrator, being appointed in numerous cases regarding construction law, commercial law and civil law.

The role of trainer that he has within the team, he also plays as an associate professor doctor within the Romanian-American University, where he teaches civil law and civil procedure law.

His publishing activity materialised in numerous scientific papers is complemented by the numerous legal opinions which he has issued and sustained in his capacity of expert of Romanian private law before national courts or courts of international arbitration.

Eugen Sârbu

„For me, as a lawyer, each case is special and represents a new challenge. I get involved with passion and dedication in order to offer the clients the best solutions, such that, at the end, we can both have the satisfaction that we have succeeded and that we can go further.”

Eugen is specialised in construction law, public acquisitions administrative law, environmental law and contract law. In these fields he has managed complex cases, in which the key to success was represented by his strategic vision and his ability to combine Romanian law with the law of the European Union.

In the field of international commercial arbitration, Eugen has graduated the courses of the ICC Paris Academy and the Masters’ in International Arbitration of the University of Bucharest, and as a lawyer he has ensured the representation of clients in litigation involving contract law and construction law.

Presently, Eugen is a doctoral candidate at the University of Bucharest with the specialisation Private Romanian Law, while also being the author of multiple publications and scientific researches.