Labour Law

We are interested in ensuring the efficiency of the human resources policies in the companies that we represent, by offering legal assistance in complex problems such as non-compete clauses or confidentiality clauses. Not least, we offer continuous consultancy to our clients regarding day-by-day aspects of labour law.

Our firm provides practical consultancy oriented towards results regarding all labour law aspects. We offer effective and solid representation in labour law litigation as well as a valuable analysis regarding the establishment and implementation of realistic and efficient labour law practices. We have worked alongside clients from various areas of activity, in order to understand their business and identify the specific legal problems of each area of activity.

Our lawyers understand the risk on the reputation innate to the implementation of initiatives at the place of business. We always respond promptly because we understand the fact that labour law aspects are pressing and must be addressed swiftly and efficiently.

Our services include:

  • collective labour contracts;
  • collective negotiations;
  • management liability;
  • individual labour contracts;
  • disciplinary investigation;
  • human rights;
  • confidentiality;
  • restructuring solutions;
  • strikes.

Simona Reithofer

„The cohesion of the team is an essential factor for the success of any project. Organisation, dedication and attention represent ingredients which permit the offering of legal services of the highest quality.”

Simona is a partner at Oglindă & Partners, member of the Bucharest Bar from 1999. She coordinates the firm’s fiscal law practise, being a graduate of the masters’ program “Fiscal law” of the Law Faculty of the University of Bucharest. Litigation lawyer with a vast experience, she has been implicated in litigation and complex disputes both for legal persons as well as for natural persons in the fields of civil law, commercial law, labour law, fiscal law, criminal law, business law and others.

Presently, Simona is actively implicated in the data protection practise of the firm. She has graduated a course of international accreditation (PECB) in the field of data protection, offering audit services, consultancy and supervisions as DPO (Data Protection Officer) at the highest standards in accordance with the GDPR.