Reorganisation and bankruptcy, the Oglindă & Partners team includes lawyers specialised in insolvency and insolvency practitioners which offer complete legal and business consultancy regarding debt recovery, insolvency procedures, representation before courts. Our services are addressed to both creditors and debtors.

The services offered in this field include:

  • assistance in drafting of requests for initiating insolvency procedures;
  • assistance and drafting of debt declarations within the insolvency procedures;
  • assistance and representation for appeals or other procedures specific to insolvency;
  • consultancy regarding debt collection strategies by the creditor;
  • reorganisation plans;
  • representation before national courts in all aspects regarding insolvency, reorganisation or bankruptcy.

Bazil Oglindă

„From idea to action and result, with integrity. Sometimes the client himself does not dare to dream of the success that he could obtain from a litigation. Which is we, as lawyers, must always fight to obtain even more than what would satisfy the client, because that is how we show our respect, trust and value as professionals. We hope to reach this goal in the future at least to the same extent as up to the present moment.”

Bazil founded Oglindă & Partners in 2015 from his wish to bring a unique, complex, personalised, client-oriented performance to the Romanian legal services market. A lawyer since 1998, his accumulated experience recommends him as an excellent strategist, with the capacity of producing innovative solutions for the most complex issues of law and business.

Arbitrator and vice-president of the Court of International Commercial Arbitration attached to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, arbitrator of the International Chamber of Commerce and of other arbitration courts around the world, Bazil has complemented his experience as a lawyer with the one regarding resolution of disputes as an arbitrator, being appointed in numerous cases regarding construction law, commercial law and civil law.

The role of trainer that he has within the team, he also plays as an associate professor doctor within the Romanian-American University, where he teaches civil law and civil procedure law.

His publishing activity materialised in numerous scientific papers is complemented by the numerous legal opinions which he has issued and sustained in his capacity of expert of Romanian private law before national courts or courts of international arbitration.