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Ce face Constructorul când Beneficiarul refuză efectuarea recepției la terminarea lucrărilor?

22 April 2018 | Oglinda & Partners

O problemă extrem de frecventă pe piața construcțiilor o reprezintă refuzul Beneficiarului de a efectua recepția la terminarea lucrărilor. Motivele unui astfel de refuz, la nivel formal, sunt cât se poate de diverse, dar, în realitate, totul se reduce la o singură explicație – costurile lucrării. În ultimii 5 ani, pe rolul instanțelor din România, au existat peste 28.000 de....

The arbitration pill. To be or not to be…DAB?

25 March 2016 | Oglinda & Partners

Settlements of disputes regarding FIDIC Contracts provide for a two-steps procedure: the first procedura in front of DAB (Dispute Adjudication Board) – sub-clauses 20.2 – 20.4 FIDIC – and the arbitration procedure (sub-clause 20.6). Concerning the DABs’ jurisdiction, sub-clause 20.4 FIDIC provides that ”if a dispute (of any kind whatsoever) arises between the Parties in connection with, or arising out....

How can you annihilate a valid contractual clause? Part two

18 March 2016 | Oglinda & Partners

Certainty is of utmost importance in any contract concluded in all kinds of domains in which prices fluctuate rapidly. In such cases, no one desires that a chain of transactions to be broken by the use of too vague criteria. Certainty equals safety. Follow us for more!

How can you annihilate a valid contractual clause?

17 March 2016 | Oglinda & Partners

Can parties annihilate a valid contractual clause in accordance to their conduct, even if the contract provides for formal conditions for such modification of contract (conventional formalism)? The answer to this question in international commercial arbitration matters , is given by the doctrine of Estoppel. Follow us for more!

The arbitration pill. Are the creditors protected if parties to an arbitration settle the case in their detriment?

14 March 2016 | Oglinda & Partners

Can article 2278 Civil code be applicable in arbitration? The question is if and in which conditions a settlement issued by means of an arbitral award can be appealed with a claim to set aside the arbitral award or a claim in concealment of that arbitral award? Read more!

The arbitration pill

13 December 2015 | Oglinda & Partners

A new and innovative approach on the most sensitive subjects related to arbitration disputes. The arbitration pill is a unique project having the purpose to bring in front of practitioners and professionals a short article on issues widely found in international arbitration cases. The pill appears once every two weeks. Don’t miss the next one!