The relationship that I built with you is unique. There is no other law firm which could give me the same experience. It was the best choice I could have made and the results are more than expected.” – O&P client

A lawyer can offer services at the highest standards only if his team creates for him, in the first place, the premises for personal and professional success.

What we offer:

  • the opportunity to evolve personally and professionally;
  • trust by involvement and management of complex legal projects, especially in the field of construction law and national and international arbitration;
  • public exposure and the opportunity of involvement in scientific projects and business events (scientific and business articles, books, specialized events);
  • bonuses package negotiated by reference to the profile of each member of the team;
  • rewarding of the involvement in business development and growth;
  • a long-term collaboration with unlimited perspectives for development for the right people.


Why us:

  • you will not be bored;
  • you will find new law and business issues which will constantly challenge you;
  • you will meet open and interesting people; you will always work in teams;
  • you will be rewarded for what you do and the results of your work;
  • you will be part of a team of professionals not only in law, but in understanding the business of each client in particular, with the purpose of providing an integrated and complex legal service.