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Main Office expiry = voidance of VAT code?

25 October 2016 | Oglinda & Partners

Which are the relevant legal provisions? The new Tax Procedure Code presents in art. 92 (1) g) the case when the tax-payer is declared inactive as a consequence of the main office space holding duration’s expiry. According to the same article, the effects of the inactivity are those stipulated by the Tax Code. As far as the procedure of declaring....

The avoidance of VAT purposes registration

23 August 2016 | Oglinda & Partners

What does the Fiscal Code provide? The New Fiscal Cod assignes to the responsible fiscal authorities the avoidance of VAT purposes registration for legal persons. The case that interests us is the one stipulated by art. 316 alin. 11 lit. h) which sets out the possibility of avoidance for VAT purposes registration in the case of persons subject to tax....

Scientific Conference “New Perspectives in construction law”

17 August 2016 | Oglinda & Partners

The second edition of the most important event in construction law will take place on 30th September in Bucharest. The scientific Conference ”New perspectives in construction law” brings together the best Romanian and foreign specialists who aim to share their knowledge and the news in the field in thematic sessions. The Romanian Society of Construction Law and “Oglindă&Partners” invites you....

Civil Law Summer School

18 July 2016 | Oglinda & Partners

Oglinda&Partners Law Firm, in partnership with the Romanian-American University the Civil Law Summer School. The project is addresses for students from Faculties of Law of Romanian-American University and University of Bucharest. The Civil Law Summer School brings together, from 18th to 20th of July, 21 of the best students from the two universities for different practical activities specific for legal....

Legal debates. Elimination of competitors in public procurement procedures

06 June 2016 | Oglinda & Partners

Bazil Oglindă, Managing Partner of Oglinda&Partners is moderating tonight the legal debate with the subject of the elimination of competitors in public procurement procedures. Watch the debate online

We celebrate excellence in business!

26 May 2016 | Oglinda & Partners

Along with the top Romanian entrepreneurs we spend a beautiful evening in which we applauded the performances of the Romanian elites in the business environment. Capital Awards – Excellence in business reunited the most important names of the business environment with extraordinary results in the last year. We commit to continue being the support of the entrepreneurs in creating successful....

Happy Birthday!

19 May 2016 | Oglinda & Partners

Oglinda&Partners celebrates its activity! The event came in the middle of launching several new projects for the business environment. We would like to thank everyone for their collaboration and support. We commit to continue our work to reach the goals that we seek together.

The transfer prices file – What? When? Who? Why?

13 April 2016 | Oglinda & Partners

What are transfer prices? According to the Fiscal Code, transfer prices are those prices through which tangible or intangible goods are transferred and services are provided, between affiliated persons. What does affiliated persons mean? Affiliated persons are legally defined in regard to the relationship between them, relationship that must fall into one of the following categories: a) an individual is....

What Should I Choose? Performance Security: Letter of Credit vs. Performance Bond

12 April 2016 | Oglinda & Partners

FIDIC contracts include, among the obligations of the Contractor, the obligation of obtaining a Performance Bond. However, the majority of Employers (Beneficiaries of the projects) fail to consider, is the importance of this clause. Why is it so important? Statistics show that in such contracts, the chances that the performance security will be executed are high (there is a great....

Are Microenterprises an Efficient Solution for Replacing Authorized Person (PFA)?

06 April 2016 | Oglinda & Partners

“The battle” between microenterprises and authorized person (PFA) is emphasized by the latest changes brought by the Fiscal Code. “What should one choose depending on his/her needs?” The costs for starting a authorized person (PFA) are significantly lower than the ones for starting a microenterprise. For example, 250 RON for the authorized person (PFA) and 1000 RON for the microenterprises.....