Our Story

Our History

“We identify together the solutions to the real needs in order to boost your business and we participate in identifying and implementing the proper strategies for your business to get where you want it to be.”

dr. Bazil Oglindă
Managing Partner
Bazil Oglinda

Lawyer, arbitrator and professor, Bazil Oglindă represents the materialization of the idea that the key for success is to want to achieve what you can achieve. Bazil’s profile consists of a puzzle in which every piece is part of his successful career.

With an experience as lawyer starting in 1998 and a PhD in Commercial Law, Bazil was the co-founder of ONV LAW firm in 2000, gaining a substantive experience in both legal matters and managing skills.

Arbitrator for the Court of International Commercial Arbitration attached to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (CICA) and for the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Bazil’s expertise in arbitration is confirmed by his activity as an expert on Romanian private law in front of foreign courts and international arbitrations.

The puzzle completes with his position as professor, holding lectures on Business and Corporate Law at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies and Insurance and Civil Law at the Romanian-American University.

Bazil’s innovative way of thinking along with the passion he invests in finding solutions and creating opportunities for his clients, are the values that inspired him in creating Oglindă&Partners Law Firm.

Our Firm

“If many say ”we will do everything we can to get the desired results”, we say ”if there is a way to reach the desired result, be sure we will find it!”

Bazil Oglinda
Managing Partner

Oglindă&Partners is the result of the new perspective of the associates on the way lawyers should collaborate with their clients.

This new approach is based on the idea of a strong partnership between the lawyer and the client, leading to better results and stronger alliances.

Reaching the desired results by providing the best services for our clinets is our first goal. To achieve this purpose we put at your disposal experts in numerous fields of activity, capable of assuring a strong foundation for your business.

Oglindă&Partners team is a monolith – solid, united and motivated, ready to change mentalities through action and results. Determination and involvement of our colleagues are the key-words for reaching the goals of our partners.

Our constant desire to go beyond the limits and the strong belief in the importance of the quality of our work are the engines which provide us the power to succeed. The results that we accomplish with our partners are the business card that recommends us.

The lawyer and the client are just the two ends of a bridge. They have to reach towards each other in order to build the path to performance.

Our Goals & Objectives

  • We are interested in gaining the results desired by our clients.
  • We dedicate our time and expertise in finding the best business solutions.
  • We build successful strategies for our clients’ business.
  • We adapt to the needs of our clients in order to offer the best legal services.
  • We stand along our clients step by step in reaching their objectives.
  • We wish to grow beside our clients.
  • Our reputation is built through our clients’ success.
  • We personalize our services in accordance to the demands of our clients.
  • We are motivated by success and results.
  • We build strong and long-lasting partnerships with our clients.
  • We offer security to your business and stability to your objectives.
  • We transpose your ideas into profitable business.
  • We are, probably, the missing piece for your business!
  • But don’t take us for granted … convince yourself!